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5 Compact travel items you need

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, being able to pack a multitude of items into a small suitcase is a crucial skill. And it’s made a little easier with these convenient, compact items.

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Roll-up water bottle

Keeping water with you when you’re travelling is important, but metal bottles can be unnecessarily heavy, and one-time plastic bottles are wasteful. So the next time you head out on a journey, bring a Bubi bottle with you. The bottles are made of eco-friendly, high-grade silicone, are BPA-free and mould resistant, and they can hold both hot or cold contents. You can even use them to carry juices, flours, medicines, spices,  detergents or virtually anything else you think you might need on a camping trip or other outing. And when not in use, they can be rolled up so small that they’ll fit in your pocket. Available in several fun colours, the bottles come in 14-ounce versions ($17) and 22-ounce versions ($30).

Travel straightenerEasy-to-carry hair care

There’s a good chance wherever you’re staying will have a blow-dryer. But the chances it will have a styling iron are not so good. That’s why bringing along a small version of your usual tool, such as Revlon’s 1″ tourmaline-ceramic straightening iron can be so helpful (, $30). It heats up to 375 degrees F and even comes with a stylish pouch to pack it away!

Face wipes

Packing face wash, toner and moisturizer takes up a lot of space, not to mention you can’t keep the bottles in your carry-on if you’re flying, so there’ll be no face-cleansing relief for you on the plane. Keep things simple (and light!) by packing face wipes such as Nivea Visage’s refreshing cleansing wipes, which remove makeup, cleanse skin and moisturize all at once. You can also get the gentle version for sensitive skin or the revitalizing version for mature skin.

Travel pillowTravel pillow

Whether you’re travelling by bus, train, car or plane, you’re going to want something comfy to rest your head on. But a full-size pillow simply isn’t practical. Instead, get Cocoon’s small synthetic down travel pillow. It’s 10 inches by 14 inches when open, but can then be squished into a convenient 4 by 6-inch bag for carrying. Your neck will thank you for it!

A good makeup organizer

Many women pack far more makeup than they will ever need or use on a trip simply because they don’t want to be without. But that can lead to bringing along unnecessary items, and searching through an overpacked makeup bag can be frustrating. To make things easier, buy a medium-size, rectangular pouch such as MEC’s OnSight window pouch. The size lets you pack all the necessities without going overboard, and the thin fabric of the pouch will likely take up considerably less space than whatever you’re using now. In addition, the mesh walls make looking for whatever you require far easier.

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