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Fun care package ideas for university students

Starting university is a big adjustment for students, especially if they’re moving away. Whether your university student is just beginning or in their senior year, putting together these care packages will make their journey easier and more enjoyable.

Best care packages
College student with care package

The basics

Try building your care package in a large plastic box. Choose your university student’s favourite colour for the box, and get creative by personalizing it with his or her name. Including family photos somewhere on or inside the box is an extra touch that will help your student feel less homesick. Below are different and fun types of packages you can easily put together for your university student.

The munchies package

This package is perfect for snack breaks. Whether a snack is enjoyed while completing readings for class or after a long study session, this package will keep your university student and his or her belly happy. Include non-perishable items like canned soups, cereals, popcorn, instant oatmeal, protein bars, herbal teas, nuts and whole-grain crackers. Quick and healthy meals like whole-grain pastas, instant brown rice and low-fat sauces are also great ideas.

The study well essentials package

This package includes everything a student needs to help him or her focus on studying. Include school supplies that will help your university student get more organized, such as highlighters, Post-its, notebooks and binders in his or her favourite colours and designs. Be sure to also throw in essential personal care items like shampoo, soaps and body lotions. Medicine cabinet items like multivitamins, cough syrup and pain relievers are also great additions. Some parents also like to pack rolls of quarters and change for their student’s laundry runs and bus fares. If you want to include little reminders of home, pack the fabric softener and detergent you use at home. Include any item you think he or she will need to help them focus on their studies.

The study break package

This is the fun type of package that can include such items as their favourite board games, DVDs and music. Pack magazines they like to read for fun reading aside from school work. Homemade cookies and your student’s favourite chocolate bar and candy make for tasty additions. Gift cards to their favourite coffee shops, stores or restaurants are also welcome surprises. Don’t forget to include a handwritten letter, especially if your student won’t be home for a while.

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