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How to use Pinterest to organize your life

Being able to keep track of all the great things you find online can be very helpful. And Pinterest makes organizing your interests far easier — and a lot more fun!

Organize your interests on Pinterest
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Organizing all the things you find on the internet that you like can be challenging. When you’re flipping through a book or a magazine, it’s easy to fold down the corner or rip out a page you want to hold on to. But that isn’t the case online. Maybe you’ve tried bookmarking the sites you want to return to or emailed the link to yourself so you won’t forget it, but that can get confusing, and often you wind up never being able to find the information again down the road. That’s where Pinterest comes in!

Pinterest is an easy way to keep track of interests such as recipes, photos, quotes, accessories, fashion styles, home decor recommendations and more. If you’ve never used the online pinboard site before, this guide will help get you started.

Get signed up

The first thing you’ll have to do is head over to the Pinterest website and request to join. There is a waiting list, but it won’t take too long before you’ll receive an email notifying you that you’ve been invited. To speed things up, ask a friend of yours who is already on the site to invite you to join.

Get the button

Many blogs, websites and articles offer a Pinterest button you can click on to add them to your pinboard, but for the ones that don’t, get the “Pin It” button on your toolbar. Once you sign in to your account, simply go to the “About” section at the top right corner. Click on the “Pin It Button” title, and follow the instructions to drag the button onto your toolbar. Now you can save absolutely any website you come across to your pinboards. When you’re on a website you want to come back to in the future, click on the “Pin It” button, and select which image you would like to associate with it, the title you would like to give it and which board you want it to sit on. It’s that easy!

Create boards

Boards are your best asset in terms of organizing. You can name them however you want and create as many as you need. For instance, if you’re planning an event and want to name one board “Table settings,” the next “Dress options” and a third “Food ideas,” you can. When you want to browse through everything you’ve collected in a single category, simply click on the board, and images and titles of all the items inside will pop up on a single page. This makes it easy for you to see all the ideas you’ve collected at once.

Try repinning

Once you’ve gotten the hang of organizing all your favourite websites onto your boards, try searching through other people’s boards on Pinterest. When you find things you like, hover over the image, and click the “Repin” button that appears to hold on to it. And if you come across boards you really like, you can start “Following” people to find more things you’d like to save and organize.


The best thing you can do with Pinterest is to never stop experimenting. You might create a board where the title is too narrow and find you have trouble including all the things on it you want to. Or you might have a title that’s too broad and wind up with too much in it for you to sort through. But that’s the great thing about Pinterest — nothing’s written in stone. So have fun finding new ways to organize all the things you love!

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