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Decorating with metallics

In fashion, metallics can be seen as neutral “colours,” but when decorating with it, you want to do it the right way, because if you go too far, you can easily make a room look tacky.

Add some sparkle to your space
Living room with gold accents

Using metallics can be a gorgeous way to add sparkle to a room, but there are a few key things to remember when decorating using this finish.

“You can easily end up with too much glitz,” says design consultant Jackie Morra. We checked in with Morra for her expert advice on decorating well with this reflective material.

Stick to one tone

Metallics include silver, bronze, gold, chrome and more. Keep the look cohesive by staying within the same colour, says Morra. Also, break up areas with metallics in them by incorporating items made of glass so that the room isn’t overwhelmed with metallic features.

Pick a couple of ways to repeat the metallic

“Metallics add a lot of shimmer and texture, and they reflect light, so you want to be careful about using it,” says Morra. Her rule of thumb? Repeat something three times in a space. “It’s a subtle way of continuing the theme,” she explains. So, for example, in a living room, you might want to introduce metallics at different heights. “If you have a piece of wall art with metallics, add another touch on your couch with your throw pillows and a third item in styling your coffee table,” she suggests. Picking up on one main focal point in other areas of the room makes the overall look appear planned out and pulled together. “It gives continuity to the room.”

Pair metallics with contemporary colours

When most people think of metallics, Christmas tree bulbs and tinsel usually come to mind. But in decorating, metallics is more of a modern aesthetic. Morra suggests pairing metallics with anything grey based, so choose either shades of grey or colours with grey undertones.

Plan your lighting scheme

Since lighting will cause your metallics to sparkle more, put some thought into your lighting scheme. If you have a piece of art with metallics in it, consider lighting it directly, then plan lighting for the surrounding space as well, says Morra.

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