Bare makeup and sleek, straight hair at Martin Lim

We’ve gone behind the scenes at Montreal Fashion Week to bring you the latest trends and tips featured in the shows. A simple and somewhat bare face was paired with sleek, straight hair at the Martin Lim show.

Martin Lim show

Always a much-anticipated show, the Martin Lim collection featured a slew of beautiful fabrics and vibrant colours, so hair and makeup took a clean, unfussy approach — a strong pairing with the elaborate fashion.

Martin Lim showThe makeup

The overall makeup look was neutral. Skin was first prepped with CoverGirl Clean Foundation and CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Concealer. Then Amelie Ducharme, CoverGirl makeup pro, said this about the eyes: “It’s a bit fairy tale-like, slightly mysterious and wild — is she good or bad?” She applied only the brown end of Smoky ShadowBlast in Bronze Fire 815 to the lid, in the crease and a bit along the lower lash line. To help further emphasize the eyeshadow, she swiped on Eye Enhancers in Majestic Hazel 175, and then “to add some meanness to the look,” Ducharme smudged black eyeshadow at the inner corners of the eyes.

The rest of the look was quite natural. The cheeks were left bare. “This gives the face a slightly ghostly look,” said Ducharme, completing the look with a natural-looking, neutral pink shade on the lips — NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in Clay.

Martin Lim showThe hair

The look for hair was straight and sleek, which brings out its natural shine. To achieve the look, Denis Binet, lead hairstylist, brushed and blow-dried the hair straight, then followed with a flat iron. Taking section by section, Binet applied Pantene gel for medium-thick hair to the roots, then combed the hair back and bobby-pinned it into place. He let the hair set for one hour, then brushed it out and finished it off with a spritz of Pantene hairspray to help keep flyaways under control. While the hair looked naturally straight, Binet explained you can’t simply leave it as is, as hair will revert to its true natural state (for example, slight waves might start to form and flyaways might start to show). He says it actually takes a lot of product and styling to achieve a “natural” look without it appearing stiff and overdone with hair products.

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