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Keep your golden summer glow into fall

As the temperature drops, maintaining that faux golden glow becomes even more critical, since the subtle tan you got even while wearing sunscreen will start to fade. We check in with a top self-tanning expert for her advice.

How to stay glowing
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Even if you’re diligent about wearing sunscreen properly all summer long, you still get a bit of a glow, which you can amp up with self-tanning products. But now with fall here, the sun is growing weaker, and we have fewer daylight hours, so you may find yourself becoming paler. But if you follow these tips from a self-tanning pro with more than 10 years of experience, Fiona Locke, you’ll look gorgeously and naturally golden straight into autumn.

Exfoliate regularly

As we move into the winter months — and with the goal of maintaining a subtle golden glow — it becomes even more important to include exfoliating as part of our shower routine. “The air outside is drier, and we’re turning on the heat in our homes, which can dry out the skin,” says Locke, a St. Tropez skin-finishing expert. She suggests using a body polish or scrub once a week to get rid of dead skin cells, which can cause patchiness when using self-tanning products.

Switch to a more hydrating format of self-tanner

Because your skin is drier in the fall, using a more moisturizing format becomes key, says Locke. If you were using a product such as St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, try something that offers more hydration, such as the new gel tanning product from the same line. A gel, she says, is great because you have more control over the product itself. “You can go on as light as you want or layer more on really easily, as it glides on,” says Locke.

Go for a subtler overall colour

Since we all tend to be paler here in Canada in the fall, you might want to go with a lighter and more subtle glow. Locke says that if you don’t want to use a gel, consider using a moisturizer that contains buildable self-tanning product. The colour of such a product builds slowly as you apply it daily.

Prepare a natural golden glow for your face

You don’t want to look like you just came back from a beach vacation; you just want to liven up your pale complexion a bit. Locke says you can easily do this by mixing your self-tanning product with your daily facial moisturizer. This will dilute the tanning product, “so you get colour quickly, but it’s not too dramatically dark,” she says.

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