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How to be popular on Twitter

Become a great tweeter, and you’ll gain more followers.

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Want to become better at Twitter? There’s a knack to using this form of social media effectively and in a way that will pique the interest of fellow tweeters. Here’s how to grab attention and gain more of a following.

Write witty tweets

Develop your own voice on Twitter, one that is uniquely you and that sparks interest. Humour often works well, as does snarkiness, but be careful of appearing overly negative, as this may turn off some followers and prompt them to hit “unfollow.” On the other hand, some people thrive on negative snark, so let your snark flag fly if that’s you!

Host chats on Twitter

You can grow your number of followers by starting a regular chat (using a hashtag so people know how to follow it) on a specific topic. Retweet people’s comments, and you’ll start to see your number of followers creep up. It can be any topic you like; say, for example, each week you dissect a certain aspect of Ryan Gosling’s hottie status.

Engage other tweeters

We all want to be loved; there’s no denying that. And as such, people enjoy being thought of as interesting and of course like to be recognized. So reply to people’s tweets with a comment or two to show you’re paying attention, or if you come across something interesting, retweet it. People will come to follow you, as they’ll recognize you as a source of interesting items or simply a friendly face on the medium.

Focus on certain topics

Twitter can be a lot of fun, and if you feel like tweeting about any old thing, go ahead! But If you tweet about a handful of topics often (rather than any random item), people will come to see you as an expert or source of information on those topics, even if it’s just the restaurants you go to in the city (are you one of those foodies who instagrams and tweets every morsel you put in your mouth?) or your huge crush on Ryan Gosling (see above).

Use Twitter handles and hashtags

Your Twitter handle will get more exposure when you use hashtags for your tweets, as your audience grows exponentially just from your follows to a much larger group. Also, even though it takes some time to look up proper Twitter handles, when you use them, it alerts the account whose handle you used, and the person just might hit “follow” when you include them in a tweet. Sure, you can make your hashtags ironic little clinchers to your tweet too — no harm in that!

Check your influence on Klout

Register on Klout, and see how these Twitter tips help to grow your Klout score. Klout is a score from 1 to 100 based on what your online influence is on certain topics. Twitter is just one of the factors taken into account to develop your Klout score; other factors include Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare and LinkedIn, to name just a few. Warning: Trying to grow your Klout score can be addictive!

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