When you can’t walk in heels

If you’re like me and cringe at the thought of putting on high heels to go out, it’s because you can’t walk in them flawlessly and they simply aren’t as comfortable as flats. Below are ways to fake the confident feeling high heels give you and the different types of heels you can try that are manageable to strut around in.

Woman with high heels

The pointy flat

Even if you buy shoes that are flat or have a tiny heel, shoes with a pointed front automatically lend a sexy effect and give you a confident stride. The pointy part of the shoe elongates your legs and looks great with skinny jeans, sharpening your look altogether. A classic black goes with everything, but choosing a colour that pops — like hot pink — will catch more attention than the 3-inch black heel.

The wedge heel

This heel is a “fake heel,” as it gives you comfort and support without compromising height. The wedge heel shoe or sandal has extra support in the middle, so you don’t feel wobbly when you strut your stuff around. Wedge heel shoes that come with more of a platform bottom are even easier to walk in, so you’ll be inches higher without the uncomfortable feeling. Wedge heels made from cork are a great addition to your summer wardrobe, and they’re also a good training heel to practice with before moving on to the regular 3-inchers.

The kitten heel

The kitten heel is the “barely a heel” of heels, as it’s under an inch and is usually quite manageable but still gives you some height and that sexy click when you walk. If you’re like me and the kitten heel can throw you off sometimes, choose one that is at least almost a centimetre wide. The thinner the heel is, the more wobbly your walk may feel, so the extra support in the heel will keep you walking and feeling sexy.

The glamorous gladiators

Perfect for the summer, these sandals are either flat or come with a tiny platform heel. Choosing a pair that glistens with crystals or pretty gems will make your new pedicure look even more fabulous but will also replicate the feeling you get with heels. Sparkly sandals, even if flat, will have you feeling like a glam girl.

Practice makes perfect

If you really want to walk comfortably in heels, start slow. Go from the kitten heel to the wedge, then hit the 2-inch heels and so forth. If you find your shoes uncomfortable, buy insoles with extra padding to give your toes some cushion. If you find your feet slip forward in open-toed heels, there are insoles you can buy to keep your feet from sliding forward. Try walking around in your heels for 15 minutes at home to see how you feel before heading out. This way you’ll know if you can handle the heels and that you won’t be left sitting out the next dance because you can’t feel your toes.

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