Smartphone apps that’ll lighten your wallet

Your smartphone is helpful for making your wallet less bulky, but here are some useful apps that make carrying around less stuff even more possible.

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Do you get tired of lugging around that wallet of yours that seems to weigh 10 pounds and is about 3 inches thick because it’s so crammed with items? In fact, do you feel a little like George Costanza from Seinfeld? If your wallet is weighing you down, test out some of these apps. They’ll help you trim down what you carry. After all, you always have your smartphone with you, right?

The Lemon app

Shopaholics in particular will get use out of the Lemon app, as you likely have a wallet that’s overflowing with paper receipts. This app stores and files all your receipts neatly. You just take a photo of your receipt and then file it in a category. Consider how much easier this will make calculating your expenses at month end!

The CamCard app

Don’t Rolodexes seem so bulky and cumbersome now? Though business cards remain the easiest way to give someone you’ve met your contact info, they often get lost or tossed into a drawer and forgotten about. CamCard allows you to snap a photo of a business card, and it stores the info so you can easily search for the contact in the future. It essentially digitizes a Rolodex.

The CardStar app

We love loyalty programs — who doesn’t like getting points that add up to free rewards? What we don’t like is having to carry around a card for every single store we go to in order to collect those points. Well, CardStar helps to alleviate this. You can store the numbers and even the bar codes for many of the loyalty programs you belong to onto it. When at the store, simply open the app and give the number when paying, or hand over your phone so they can scan the bar code if the store has that capability.

A digital wallet

Don’t get too excited — digital wallets aren’t available just yet, but they are likely on their way. A digital wallet would be part of your smartphone, and it’d allow you to make payments straight from your phone. To ensure safety, they’d be properly secured and certified by a credit card company. This would essentially eliminate the need to carry wallet at all, although having some cash on hand might still be a good idea, just in case of emergencies.

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