Best wedding gifts for any budget

Picking a wedding gift that fits in your budget can be challenging, especially when you want to give something the couple will appreciate and think of fondly for years to come. We share some great gift ideas that will fit into any price range.

Wedding gifts

Check their registry

Obviously the couple’s registry is the best place to start your search. Most couples will pick items in a wide range of prices so their friends and family can select an option within range of their budget. That means you can choose to buy them one or two Champagne flutes if that is what you can afford, or you can give them their fancy food processor if you’re looking to spend a bit more. Can’t find anything on their list that appeals to you? Don’t despair! We have plenty of other great ideas for you.

Foodie gift certificates

The first few weeks of married life can be hectic for many couples. They may be moving into a new place, trying to amalgamate their things, working on figuring out who’s in charge of what and more. And often that can mean making healthy homemade meals gets put on the back burner. But the last thing you want is for the newlyweds to be spending money unnecessarily on ordering in. To make things easier on them, consider giving them a gift certificate to a cooking class or two that focuses on quick and easy meals in whatever amount you can afford. Or if they’re familiar with cooking but simply won’t have the time, consider getting them a gift card to a pre-prepared meal place such as Supperworks. They can pick out a few healthy pre-prepared meals, place them in the freezer and simply defrost one when needed. And every time they manage to have a wonderful dinner on the table in under 30 minutes, they’ll think of you!

A mini honeymoon

Getting wedding gifts is exciting. The newlyweds get to spend days unpacking boxes of useful and decorative items. But what happens when all the gifts are unpacked and suddenly they aren’t the bride and groom anymore, but just a married couple? Well, that’s where this special gift comes in. Whether they’re lovers of art galleries, sporting events, theatre shows or historical exhibits, giving them a gift certificate toward something they enjoy can be very meaningful. When all the excitement of the wedding has subsided, they’ll be able to pull out your gift and spend a day celebrating being together. You can pick an event that is within your price range, and if it happens to be under that range, you can throw in a gift certificate for dinner as well!

A designated bottle of wine

If the bride and groom are wine lovers, buying them a nice bottle of wine is a great way to congratulate them and help them celebrate. For an extra-special touch, give the bottle a special meaning. Whether it’s that they should drink it on their first anniversary, when they move into a new home or on the first night of their honeymoon, giving the wine a specific meaning can say a lot. And what’s even better is you can pick the option that fits within your price range. Or if you feel you haven’t spent quite enough after you’ve bought the wine, consider getting them something small for their kitchen or to decorate their new home to go along with it.

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