How to be a good wedding guest

Master the finesse of being a good wedding guest, and the married couple will remember you fondly on this most important day.

Wedding guests

Since you were invited in the first place, chances are you are someone important in the bride and groom’s life. And with so much going on in their lives, planning every minute detail of the wedding and stressing about costs and logistics, you can help out by being a considerate, gracious guest.

RSVP as soon as you can

If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you know how many things are on the never-ending to-do list. Don’t make “follow up on RSVPs” a hassle they’ll have to add to that list when it comes to you. If possible, RSVP right away. If you have to figure out travel arrangements and other details first, try to firm that up as quickly as possible.

Be on time for the ceremony

You do not want to be that person stumbling in during the ceremony, so be sure to budget plenty of time to get to where the wedding is being held, and have an alternative plan in case something happens to throw you off course. (And while we’re on the topic of the ceremony, make sure to turn off your cell phone!)

Don’t get drunk at the wedding reception

This one seems pretty obvious, but hey, haven’t we all encountered someone who was incredibly inebriated at a wedding? Yes. Don’t let that person be you. Just because it’s open bar doesn’t mean you should take it as a challenge to drink all you can possibly drink. Enjoy yourself, for sure, but don’t let it become an embarrassingly messy situtation.

Give cash as a gift

Most couples will be too polite to say so, but really, after shelling out so much money on this momentous day, receiving cash is much appreciated. The rule of thumb is to give enough to cover the cost of your plate and that of whoever else is attending with you (your partner, children, plus one, etc.). Typically that’s about $150 per person. If you much prefer to give a gift, carefully consider how well you know the couple. If you truly know their taste and have something in mind they’ll absolutely adore, then go ahead and get it. Otherwise, it’s safer to stick to their registry. Giving them something that’s not really their style just ends up being a waste of your money.

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