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How to wear summer clothes on cool days

August can provide cooler days that can make you worry it’s time to pack away the summer dresses and flowy skirts. But don’t give up so soon! Instead, wear your favourite summer styles and still stay warm with these simple tips and tricks.

Embrace the cardigan

Although it can be disappointing to cover up your bronzed shoulders and dress’s fancy straps, the stunning cardigans available today mean you don’t have to be sad for long. For the purpose of staying warm, avoid cardigans made of fabric that is overly thin or those that are knitted in a way that leaves parts of skin open to the cold air. Something along the lines of Urban Outfitter’s BDG classic cardigan is great because it comes in a variety of colours, so you don’t have to sacrifice hot summer tones for warmth.

BDG Classic Cardigan

BDG Classic Cardigan, (, $39)

Layer up!

If you want to wear your favourite summer dresses without having to wear something overtop, consider wearing something underneath! If it isn’t too cool out, wearing a plain white, black or nude tank top, such as the Joie layering tank, underneath can help keep your body heat in. If it’s a little cooler out, consider donning a tight-fitting long sleeve. Your arms will stay nice and toasty, and you’ll still get to show off your summer dress.

Joie layering tank

Joie Layering Tank (, $29)

A scarf for everything

Scarves are always a great way to dress up your summer look, so why not use them to keep you warm as well? Although scarves of thin fabric may not be ideal for cool days, those made of wool, acrylic or cashmere can really help you out. H&M’s simple scarf comes in bright blue, coral, mustard yellow and burgundy, so your scarf can add to your summer look rather than detract from it. The human body loses a lot of heat through the neck, so wrap it up in a stylish scarf. Or for a walk on a cool summer night, drape your warm scarf over your shoulders. However you wear it, you certainly won’t want to leave home without one!

H&M Scarf

H&M Scarf, (, $13)

Tights galore!

Pantyhose and leggings are easy ways to stay warm while still sporting your favourite summer dresses and skirts. But don’t go dragging out your boring black tights just yet! Instead, add to your summer look with bright, colourful bottoms such as Forever 21’s argyle knit tights in glorious jade or burgundy. And for those cool, rainy days, keep your feet warm and dry with a stylish pair of rain boots. ALDO’s Gulling boots are both stylish and practical — and you deserve nothing less (, $50).

Argyle knit tights

Argyle Knit Tights, (Forever 21, $11)

Pull out those summer hats

Chances are you purchased a summer hat or two on impulse. But most of us pull them out of the closet only for the occasional trip to the beach. And where’s the fun in that? We lose a surprising amount of heat through the tops of our heads, and this can be easily avoided by popping on a hat. So pull out that hat that’s been gathering dust in your closet, or snag yourself a new one, such as ALDO’s Wetherington, and keep your head warm and stylish this summer.

Aldo Wetherington Hat

ALDO Wetherington Hat (, $21)

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