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Design your own craft space

Regardless of what type of craft you like to make, you need space to work on your project. Read on for some suggestions on how to create a craft workshop in your home.

Organize your craft workshop
Craft space

A beautiful and organized craft room filled with supplies is something every crafter dreams of having. So why not make that dream come true by creating one?

Carve out a useful space

Your designated craft area can be almost anywhere in your home as long as you and your family are comfortable with the location. For some crafters, an entire room dedicated to artistic pursuits might be ideal, while to others, transforming a cozy corner of a family room or basement would be a creative way to find usable space. Wherever you choose to set up shop, just remember to find an area that is large enough to comfortably work in and that will hold all your supplies.

Everything in its place

When designing your dream space, you’ll need to consider your storage options. Depending on your space, you could opt for installing built-in cabinets, use versatile, stand-alone pieces that can be rearranged easily or a combination of both. For great storage solutions, check out Ikea. Its products include glass-door cabinets and various bookshelves that can be used for holding baskets of supplies. Home Depot also carries a good selection of storage products, such as a stackable organizer and the coordinating drawers from Martha Stewart Living.

Your workspace

Again, what space you have available might dictate what you can designate as a work area, but having at least one solid, flat work surface is a must. If you have the space and enjoy working on several types of crafts, setting up specific stations will help keep your area organized, and having a chair or stool on casters will make it easy to zip from one place to another.

Other ideas

  • A nice touch to your craft room is having a comfy armchair for you or visitors to relax in.
  • Keep the supplies you use most often, such as pens and scissors, organized and within easy reach by setting up coordinating desk accessories or small, colourful pails.
  • Maximize all your available wall space by installing shelves, hooks or even a pegboard to keep supplies and tools at the ready.
  • Label all boxes, trays, bins and drawers appropriately.
  • Have sufficient lighting. Overhead lighting is a good way to light an entire room, but for detailed craftwork, a smaller desk or work lamp might be necessary.
  • If you have young children, have a lockable cupboard for any toxic products you may use, such as turpentine.
  • Personalize your space! Add family photos, jazz up the space with the colours you love and have fun adding your homemade crafts to your design!

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