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Cleansing your face like a pro

For healthy, clear skin, cleansing your face well is a must. Here’s some advice for your regular skincare routine.

Woman washing her face

Jealous of the clear, glowing complexions of Hollywood starlets? Their appearance is part of their livelihood, so they have dermatologists and aestheticians taking care of their skin regularly. If you put the time and effort into tending to your skin (we all slack off sometimes), you can get closer to that flawless complexion you want. Here are some ways to make sure your face gets a proper cleansing.

Cleanse thoroughly morning and night

If you rely on pre-moistened cleansing cloths because you’re too tired to give your face a full cleanse with a cleanser and water, know that you’re merely giving your face a superficial clean. Doing this once in blue moon is fine (or for a quick swipe after a workout until you can get into the shower to properly wash your face), but for your skin to get truly clean, you need to soap up and rinse well with lukewarm water.

Include an exfoliant regularly in your routine

Use a gentle exfoliant daily or a more vigorous one a few times a week to help keep your pores clear. A physical or chemical exfoliant will help slough off the top layer of dead skin cells to help reveal a glowing complexion. When using a chemical exfoliant, be sure not to rush through the process, as you want to give the active ingredients some time to work on those dead skin cells. If you have the budget, consider investing in a cleansing brush such as a Clarisonic. The bristles and motion of the tool help to loosen makeup and dirt on the skin so that they wash away.

Get a deep cleanse occasionally with a facial

If you can manage it financially, schedule spa facial appointments as often as you can afford to, whether that’s monthly, every other month or three times a year. Ask friends for referrals to find a facialist with a good reputation, and once you start going regularly, they’ll get to know your skin. Seeing a professional aesthetician is a particularly good idea if you tend to get blackheads, because they can perform extractions properly (if you try to do this yourself, you risk scarring your skin).

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