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Make your weekends seem longer

With back-to-school just around the corner it seems, the summer’s positively flown by. With so few weekends left, it’s become even more important to make the most of your precious free time and the gorgeous weather.

Enjoy time with the family
Family fun

Doesn’t it seem like the weekends are just a mere blip and you have to go back to work Monday morning all over again? Here are some ways to make the most of the free weekend time we’ve got left this season and beyond.

Plan activities in advance

Instead of just talking about renting that cottage and going away, actually research and book it. All too often we get bogged down by things, and we have good intentions that we don’t follow through on. Take the time and the initiative to make the plans you’ve been mulling over a reality.

Don’t sleep in too much

It’s tempting to catch up on zzz’s on the weekend, but when you do it too often or sleep in really late, it’s no wonder you feel like the weekend flies by — you have much fewer waking hours to actually do anything.

Try to do your errands and chores during the week

If you can manage to fit in your errands and tasks during the week, you can focus on doing things you enjoy on the weekends. With your house chores and other miscellaneous but necessary tasks out of the way, you’ll have more opportunity for some quality time taking fun excursions, rather than frittering the weekend away doing things like vacuuming, paying bills, etc.

Make everyday errands more of an activity

As much as getting your essential tasks done during the week would be great, sometimes you simply don’t have the time or energy. In this case, try to make your tasks more of a fun-filled activity. Rather than your typical stop into a grocery store, get your groceries at the farmers market, and budget extra time to enjoy the vibe and taste-test the delicious wares on offer. Walking the dog during the week may just be necessary, but on the weekend, head out for a leisurely hike with your furry friend in that green space you’ve always wanted to check out.

Make plans for Friday night

Get into the habit of doing something different on Friday night rather than vegging at home. Even something as simple as having the neighbours over for a casual drink will make Friday night a key part of the weekend rather than just the evening you while away before your Saturday or Sunday plans.

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