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Canadian couponing

Shows like Extreme Couponing make us hope we can somehow manage to actually gain money by shopping. Though it may not be quite that easy, saving money while you shop is definitely within your grasp. Read on for tips on how you can make couponing work for you.


Keep an eye out

Coupons can be hiding in more places than you think. That magazine you buy monthly or the newspaper you pick up every day could contain incredible deals. So before you turn the page, take a quick peek for any advertisements that may hold great offers.

Check your products

Many brands offer consumers deals by including coupons for the same product or a similar one in the packaging. The inside of your cereal box, the bottom of your yogourt tub or the flap on your cracker container could hold a great deal. So before you toss a package into your recycling bin, have a quick look to see if you can score a deal the next time you purchase the product.

Use the internet

Coupons can seem hard to find when you’re on a tight budget and aren’t able to buy the newspapers or magazines that often carry them. Fortunately some great coupons are available online for Canadian consumers. Often all you have to do is provide an email address and accept to have notifications of future deals sent to you via electronic newsletter. If you’re worried about spam, create a separate email account dedicated to couponing. That way you can keep track of all your saving and don’t have to worry about unwanted messages getting sent to your personal email address. Check out websites such as, and to see what deals you can find!

Seek out the products you love

Everyone has certain products they require more often than others. For example, you may buy a bag of milk every week but require fresh ketchup only every few months. For products you use regularly and purchase often, visit the brands’ websites. Many brands will offer coupons in exchange for permission to send you emails concerning new products. So if you know you’ll be needing their products and would rather get them at a steal, put the coupon-designated email address to good use, and sign up to receive their notifications.

Combine deals

When you come across a coupon for a product you love or a new one you really want to try, it’s understandable that you’re eager to run out and buy the product at the first chance you get. But a more shopping-savvy option is to wait until that item goes on sale at one of your nearby grocery stores. That way, instead of getting a dollar off your favourite product and it costing $6 rather than $7, you can snag it during a sale and maybe get it for half that. Though you don’t want to wait too long and risk the coupon expiring, don’t be afraid to hold on to it for a short time until a great opportunity presents itself.

Understand coupon policies

Because companies are offering deals when they hand out coupons, they put many guidelines on them to avoid being taken advantage of. Stores also have their own policies. So before you pay for a product, make sure you’ve read the coupon’s fine print and understand the store’s policies. Also make sure you’ve picked out the right product and not one that looks similar but that isn’t covered by the coupon. And when in doubt, find out. You want that deal, so don’t be afraid to ask questions to ensure your purchase goes as you’d planned.

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