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Your get-ahead plan at work

Has your career been stagnant for a while? It’s time to kick into action and get ahead at the office. These steps will get you noticed.

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Have you been stuck at the same level for several years now with no signs of advancement? Your responsibilities haven’t grown to include anything more advanced, and you see other colleagues who used to be at the same level as you pulling ahead and moving on to bigger and better positions, those that are more challenging and pay more in salary. So how can you get out of the rut you seem to be in and shine at the office so you can make similar impressive moves? Here’s some advice.

Get a job at a new company

It’s possible your skills and acheivements are not being recognized at your current company and never will be. Or perhaps they will be noticed, but at a much slower rate. Perhaps you’re seen as good at your current job and level, and your superiors will never be able to view you as the go-getter you really are, so you’ll be passed over when other opportunites come up. In all fairness, sometimes you may be to blame: You may have gotten comfortable in your job and were happy — until now. This is why you may need to leave your current job and go work for another company, one where you can establish yourself as the rising star.

Toot your own horn

Perfect the art of praising yourself in the most subtle of ways (if you’re obvious about it, you’ll be seen as pompous and irritating). In conversations at work, find ways to inconspicuously highlight your skills and achievements, and the idea that you are a smart and accomplished employee will become ingrained into upper-level management.

Excel in areas your boss does not

We all have certain skill sets, and we all have areas in which we can improve. Your boss is no exception and will lack skills in certain areas. These areas are where you can be seen as indispensable and a whiz if you are particularly strong in them. You will help fill the gap and save your boss from having to deal with particular tasks, thus being seen as a saviour. Anytime you can make your boss’s life easier is a good thing!

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