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Crafts for your old jeans

Have a drawer or box full of old jeans you aren’t sure what to do with? Throwing them out isn’t your only option! Instead, try out some of these fun and exciting crafts for your old jeans.

Give your denim new life
Old jeans

Coffee cup cozy

Do you hate when your coffee thermos leaks heat onto your hand or when you forget to get a sleeve for your drink at the cafe and feel like your fingers are being burned? It’s never an enjoyable sensation. Plus, asking for a paper sleeve or extra cup at the store is an unnecessary waste for the environment. Fortunately it’s easy to make a simple coffee cup cozy out of an old pair of jeans. Simply measure the width of the thermos or cup you most commonly use, and cut a portion of the leg of your jeans to the appropriate length. Make sure to leave an additional half inch on all sides so you can stitch it together without making it too small. Then sew the two sides together by hand or by sewing machine. You can also decorate it with any kind of beads, sequins or patches of other fabric to dress it up. Have fun, and make it your own!

Simple sandals

Anyone who has experienced the pain of stubbing their toe or stepping on something sharp while walking around the house knows that a good pair of sandals or slippers are great to have. Instead of dropping money to buy a pair at the store, turn your old jeans into a cute new pair of shoes with The Green Girls’ simple video guide. By using the pockets as toes and the denim fabric as the base, you can make great use of your old jeans in a fun and easy way.

Reusable lunch bag

Packing lunches in paper or plastic bags is wasteful, but many of the lunch boxes you can buy at the store are unnecessarily bulky — not to mention expensive! So why not make a reusable bag out of an old pair of jeans? You can personalize it in a way that’s perfect for you. Do you have some old buttons or scraps of fabric lying around? Put them to good use by decorating your jean bag with them. You can even sew on your name to make sure no one at the office tries to sneak some of your lunch from the fridge. There’s no doubt about it, this is one practical and surprisingly easy-to-make craft!

Convenient magnet

Do you have random knick-knacks, bills or pens and pencils sitting around your kitchen and no real place to put them? All you have to do is cut the pockets out of an old pair of jeans, stick a magnet onto the back of each one with a hot glue gun, and you will have a cute and handy fridge magnet. Easy to do, attractive to look at and great for organizing!

Don’t give up!

If none of these ideas appeal to you, don’t give up! Denim fabric can be used for a multitude of things, so you can certainly find a craft that is perfect for you. If the top of the pants still fits but you don’t like the length or shape of the jeans anymore, try turning them into shorts. Old jeans can also make great pot holders, coasters, rugs and more, so don’t let them go to waste!

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