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Develop a winning attitude

To meet your goals, having a winning attitude can help. In fact, it could be that extra push that helps you succeed.

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With the Summer Games in London fast approaching, the world’s best athletes are preparing to compete in the most important game of their lives, and one crucial element of preparing is getting into the right mindset, which means having a winning attitude. Even though we may not be competing on a world stage, we all have goals and aspirations we’d like to achieve, and adopting a positive attitude can be a key element to placing us on the right path. Here are some tips on how to cultivate a more winning attitude — one that can benefit many aspects of your life.

Think positively

Always looking for the silver lining will help you move toward your goal. When you have a positive outlook, you’re able to quickly brush off any setbacks you experience and move on. Plus, you’re able to see those setbacks as lessons that teach you something to become better at the task at hand. Someone who’s negative and discouraged by failure, however, may just give up. Enthusiasm and positivity will help determine what opportunities open up to you.

Be passionate

To have that burning desire that will motivate you to work hard toward your goals, you have to be passionate about what you’re pursuing. Apathy toward a goal will have you quitting upon the first signs of failure or because of a lack of progress. An intense love for what you’re pursuing will keep the fire within you alive.

Set realistic goals

Your goals should not be so far-fetched that they seem like they can never be realized. If they are, they become easy to give up on. On the other hand, they should not be so easy to accomplish that you don’t feel a drive to be and give your best. Goals should be just beyond reach and set so that you feel the need to bring your best game all the time.

Surround yourself with support

Just as the London 2012 athletes have friends and family behind them and a team of trainers and specialists who have helped them train to get them to the games, having a group of supportive people around you can be the boost you need when you do have dark days. Your life and the path to reaching your goals is fortified when you’re buoyed by others’ enthusiasm and expertise.

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