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Eliminating bathroom clutter

The bathroom should be somewhere you feel good about getting clean in. But that’s hard to do when it’s filled with items that should have been tossed months ago. Read on to find out how you can clear out and clean up this important room in your home.

Declutter your bathroom
Organized bathroom

Old products

The biggest source of clutter in the bathroom tends to be old products. You buy a face wash, it doesn’t work as well as you’d like, so you get a different kind. But you can’t bring yourself to toss a nearly full bottle of product, so you store it away in a cupboard, and it sits there for months. Chances are, if it didn’t do the trick when you bought it, it isn’t going to magically work better when you pick it up a year later. Obviously you don’t want to waste it, but leaving it under your sink until it expires isn’t a much better solution. Instead, ask a friend or family member if it’s something they’d like to try. A product that isn’t ideal for your face, hair or skin may be perfect for someone else.

Unused gifts

Bath products make fabulous gifts, as they look lovely and appeal to many people. You may have every intention of using those bath products when you receive them, but unfortunately when you get home, you place them under the sink, and they sit unused for months or years. If the product is still in its wrapping and in good condition, consider donating it to a local charity, such as a women’s shelter. That way someone will get the joy of using it, and you can revel in the satisfaction of a decluttered bathroom.


We all love free samples. They’re fun, they’re exciting and they give us a chance to try beauty products we wouldn’t otherwise take a risk on. But if you don’t use a sample within a couple weeks of receiving it, chances are it will sit collecting dust in a cupboard or under the sink. If you don’t think you’ll use it today, tomorrow or within the next few days, consider offering it to a friend or family member. If you can’t think of anyone who may be interested, toss it.

Almost-empty bottles

We all do it. You notice your shampoo is getting low or aren’t impressed with the job it’s doing, and you decide to buy a new brand. But then you get too excited about the new one to finish off the old bottle, and it winds up sitting around in your shower for weeks. There’s a simple solution for those near-empty bottles: Get rid of them! If you can get another use or two out of them, do so within the next couple of days. If after that time you’re no closer to eliminating the remaining product or merging it into the new one if it happens to be the same variety, it’s time to toss it.

Outdated items

Sometimes it can be hard to toss products you think you may have a need for later, and that can lead to a bathroom filled with dull razors and overused toothbrushes. As soon as you’ve found a replacement for your old item, toss the old one in the garbage immediately. After all, it isn’t going to do you any good growing mould as it sits on the counter!

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