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Boost your job interview skills

Impress your potential employer and increase your chances of landing the job by brushing up on these skills at your next meeting.

Job interview

It’s a competitive market out there for someone looking for a job. So how do you stand apart from other candidates? Brushing up on these strategies will help impress your interviewer and may give you the edge over everyone else.

Research the company thoroughly

Read the company’s website completely and know the key values and mission of the organization. Also read its press releases so you’re aware of recent happenings. Read other sources of information too, so you’re fully informed on the state of the industry and how it’s performing.

Don’t rush

There may be a time during an interview when you are asked a tough question. Resist the temptation to reply right away just to fill the quiet in the room. Instead, ask if you can have a minute to think of your answer, and compose a well-thought-out reply that demonstrates your knowledge of the company and the industry. Don’t take too long to think (a long silence might be awkward), but a brief pause as you consider the best thorough reply is fine.

Use concrete examples to demonstrate your skills and expertise

Whenever possible, show rather than tell. That is, rather than merely mentioning you are great at creating efficient systems, outline the most impressive system you developed that helped streamline operations and resulted in a percentage increase in sales at your most recent job. In fact, before you go to your job interview, take the time to think about your job or career highlights and what skills they demonstrate. This way your accomplishments are top of mind so you can easily draw on them to show your expertise.

Practice the actual interview process

Ask a friend to help you out by doing a mock interview with you so you can get the hang of thinking on your feet when the tough questions are posed. If possible, record the mock interview so you can have a clear idea of your body language and how you sound in interviews. You may be surprised at what you discover; perhaps you let your replies trail off, or you say “um” often, for example. Ask your friend for feedback on what areas you need to work on.

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