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Save cash without depriving yourself of fun

Does the idea of pinching pennies fill you with dread and visions of a life filled with nothing fun? You can save money and still have a good time. Here’s how.

How to fill your piggy bank while still enjoying life
Save money

If you’ve been frittering your money away on enjoying life and the mere thought of not spending money makes you think your life will become boring and devoid of good things, you need to change your attitude. There are ways you can cut back on spending and still enjoy life. We’ll walk you through some of those ways.

Change what you do when you meet up with friends

Rather than focusing your get-togethers on a fancy meal at a chic restaurant, go rollerblading instead or just meet in the park (you can even bring your own iced tea so you don’t have to buy anything). If food brings you all together, start a rotating supper club, where each week or month one of you hosts the dinner and everyone brings one component of the meal. It’s a much less costly outing than buying cocktails and dinner at the latest hot spot. (Bonus: It’s way more intimate too!) Love live music? The summer’s a great time to catch loads of free shows.

Do the same things, but when it’s more budget-friendly

Keep your eyes peeled for Groupon or TeamBuy deals. If you and a friend love going to the spa, buy the next package that offers a mani/pedi for a fraction of the price. If you love dining out, plan to do it during special food events, where you get a prix fixe dinner at a reduced price at some of the hottest restaurants. If you’re a movie buff, plan your schedule so that you can go during the day (matinees are often a few dollars cheaper), on Tuesday (again, ticket prices are reduced at many places) or to older theatres (the price is usually cheaper than at big, newer movie theatres).

Cut back on what you spend on gifts

Whether it’s Christmas or birthday gifts, all that shopping can add up quickly. If your circle of friends exchanges gifts with one another or for your kids, do a draw instead so you each only have to buy for one person. Plus, this gives you an excuse to have a fun gift exchange get-together.

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