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Strengthen weak hair

Have you noticed your hair is breaking a lot? Give your mane some TLC by focusing on strengthening its tresses.

Healthy hair

Is your hair so damaged that it feels dry and brittle and often breaks? Before you make it even worse, quit processing it, and incorporate some strategies that’ll give your hair a power boost.

Use products with keratin and amino acids

What your hair is lacking is proteins that give it vitality and help fortify the follicles. To increase its strength, look for hair products that feature such ingredients as keratin and amino acids. These will penetrate the hair shaft and boost its resiliency. Try Kerastase Resistance products or Pantene’s strengthening line, or when in the hair aisle at the drugstore, look for products clearly marked as repair for damaged hair.

Boost hydration in your hair

Your hair’s weakness could be caused by overprocessing with heat styling tools and the dryness that comes with using such tools. Fight back against this brittleness by regularly using a treatment that’ll boost your hair’s hydration. Argan oil is fantastic for conditioning hair back to health. Try popular brands such as Moroccanoil and Essence of Argan. When using these products, concentrate on the ends of your hair, as most damage appears here. If you apply the oil too close to the roots, your hair will look and feel heavy and greasy.

Get regular trims

The ends tend to be where damage appears first (think split ends and the fried look that can creep upward), so trimming your hair to snip off the damaged bits on a regular basis — even if you’re growing it out — will keep your hair looking healthy and neat.

Give your hair a heat vacation

If you can, lay off using your blow-dryer, flat iron and curling iron for a while. If this is not possible (you wouldn’t dare leave your house without styling your hair), be sure to use a product that’ll help protect your hair from the heat (such as TRESemme Instant Heat Tamer Spray), and on days you are not venturing out anywhere important, let your hair dry naturally for a mini break.

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