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Making friends at a new job

When you start a new job, it can be lonely at first. But with a little effort, you can become buddies with some of your new collegues.

Women at the office

You don’t want to be the new girl for weeks and weeks. Immerse yourself into your new company culture and befriend some colleauges, and you’ll be one of the gang in no time. Here are some ways to buddy up with your new co-workers.

Go for after-work drinks

Suggest that everyone go for drinks after work, or if it’s already been arranged, go (even if you feel a bit shy). People will loosen up outside the office (especially with a cocktail in hand). If it’s not the type of office to go for after-work drinks, suggest having lunch together. If you are very shy and better on a one-on-one basis rather than in a group, ask just one of your colleagues to grab a bite.

Join committees or other activities

Is a group planning to climb the CN Tower for a charity? Join them. Is a social committee being formed to plan the next summer event or family day? Get involved. Even if it’s not your nature to join groups like this, when you’re a newbie, it gives you an ideal opportunity to get to know your colleagues in a less pressure-filled environment like the office.

Bring homemade treats to the office

If you’re a good baker, use your skills in the kitchen. If your office is like just about every other, co-workers will swarm for good free food and snacks. Bring in brownies, and you’ll score major brownie points — we promise. Sharing homemade goodies lets your co-workers know something about you: You’ll now be that girl who can bake a wicked brownie rather than “that new girl in accounting.”

Join in the water cooler talk

Whether it’s the water cooler or morning coffee at the cafe next door, these morning rituals are perhaps the simplest way to befriend people at a new job. The vibe is casual and relaxed, and it happens daily, so you’ll slip into an easy rapport with one another.

Keep it professional

When it comes to office politics, when you’re the new girl, you may not realize who’s aligned with whom and what the deal is, so especially at the beginning, refrain from badmouthing anyone or venting about certain situations. Once you have the lay of the land and know who you can trust, you can then confide in a colleague, but until that time, keep your attitude positive.

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