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Celebrity hair secrets

Celebrities always have hair that looks just perfect. Sure, many of them are blessed with good looks and locks, but they also have tricks to help them look great. We share some of those secrets with you so you can have great hair too.

Gorgeous hair

Celebrities have hair stylists on call to help them get their hair ready for the red carpet. While this luxury may not be in your budget, you can certainly take advantage of some of the secret tips and tricks their stylists use to make their hair look like a million bucks. Get ready for your best hair ever.

Boost the volume or length (or both) of your hair

Green with envy over the full, luscious manes of some of the starlets you see on the red carpet? Many of them do have incredibly thick and beautiful hair (think Blake Lively and Kate Beckinsale), but others occasionally get some help through hair extensions. Jessica Simpson’s pal and mane man often uses extensions on her, and he’s even got a line of hair extensions so you can get the same look.

Get an updo that lasts all night

How is it that leading ladies can get their hair swept up in elegant updos without them looking like stiff wedding hairstyles? Their pro stylists keep the looks loose and sexy, then, rather than using a stiff hairspray, which could make hair look helmet-like, they give the style hold with products such as dry shampoo (try John Frieda Luxurious Volume Anytime Volume Refresher) so that clips and hair bands stay put. Backcombing helps to add volume to many of the upswept styles you see on the red carpet; use plenty of a working hairspray (such as Elnett) as you backcomb hair with a fine-tooth comb.

Plan your look carefully

Celebrity “it” girls don’t look smashing at events on a whim. Their look may have taken weeks to come together. Stylists have them try on several dresses and accessories that are coordinated with the outfit. Then these ladies’ trusted hair and makeup people are brought in to create a look that works with the entire outfit. Plan your look too, and do what you need to do in advance to get the look right. If your modern dress calls for a sleek, shiny style, start treating your hair on a regular basis with a product that’ll hydrate and boost its shine (such as Essence of Argan), especially during the week leading up to your event.

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