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Are you making a bad impression on your boss?

These habits and attitudes will have your boss overlooking you when it’s time to hand out raises or give promotions.

Bored worker

Most of us want to be promoted and move up the ranks at work, but sometimes the way we act prevents this. You may not even realize what your poor work habits are, but they could be hurting your chances of earning more money and receiving a promotion. Here are ways you may be shooting yourself in the foot in the eyes of your boss.

You work only the required hours (or even fewer)

Even if you get all your tasks done, crawling in late and starting to pack up your bag at 4:50 to jump out of your chair at 5 p.m. sharp reflects badly on your attitude toward your job. You don’t want a reputation as a clock watcher. Come in earlier than your boss from time to time, and have him or her see you at your desk as they’re leaving the office for the day occasionally.

You never socialize with your colleagues

We’re not saying you have to chair the social committee, but it doesn’t hurt to go for the occasional after-work drink (even if your boss isn’t attending; it’s good that they know you’re going). You want to be seen as a team player and someone people like to socialize with. Having good interpersonal skills are valuable when dealing with clients and vendors, and demonstrating you have a likeable personality never hurts.

You try to hide your mistakes

If you’ve overlooked some detail in a major project you’re working on, your boss will have more respect for you if you come clean about it rather than try to hide it or make light of it. Confess your error, but don’t come up with excuses; focus instead on how you plan to resolve the issue. And of course, make sure you don’t make a simlilar mistake going forward.

You do things the same way because it’s just fine

While doing things as they’ve always been done won’t get you looked at negatively, you’ll be seen more favourably if you’re proactive in looking for ways to do things better. Try to find ways to streamline procedures, save money or to make tasks easier for the team.

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