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3 Ways you’re damaging your hair

We all want good-hair days, but sometimes we may be hurting our hair without even realizing the damage we’re causing.

Woman straightening her hair

Is it worth pursuing great hair if we’re damaging it in the process? Sure, we may feel like a million bucks when our hair looks fantastic, but make sure you’re not doing damage to your mane that you’ll only have to repair. Keep your hair in good shape to begin with! Here are some ways you could be hurting your hair.

Over-styling with heat tools

Whether you’re flat-ironing it to get it sleek and smooth, curling it to get some subtle, beachy waves (or big, bouncy, Victoria’s Secret-style hair) or simply blow-drying it to style it every day, all that heat could be frying your hair. Don’t worry; you don’t have to give up your hot styling tools (few of us have hair that looks perfect after a simple wash and air-dry!). Just be sure to apply a styling product that helps to protect your hair from the heat. These products will coat the hair follicles and help prevent the damage that can occur. And don’t worry about the “smoke” that appears when you use an iron on your hair. It’s not frying or burning; that’s simply some of the product evaporating because of the heat.

Not protecting your hair from the sun

Most of us are diligent about protecting our skin from the sun, but how about our hair? While you won’t sunburn your strands, the sun’s rays can damage your hair and cause your colour to fade. Look for products that offer UV protection; they’re available in styling products and even in some hair colour products (such as Revlon ColorSilk).

Brushing wet hair

You want to get out tangles right away, so you grab a brush as soon as you’re out of the shower. But wet hair is more elastic than dry hair, so when you pull that brush through your hair, it can cause strands to snap and break. Use something gentler, such as a wide-tooth comb, to detangle your hair when wet. The same goes for wearing an elastic in your hair when it’s wet: When you pull it out of your ponytail, you could cause breakage. If you must tie your hair back when in the water, use an elastic that doesn’t grab the hair but slides off easily.

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