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Beauty tips for pregnant woman

You may have that inner, natural glow from being pregnant, but hormonal fluctuations may change your skin’s usual appearance. To help manage those changes, take note of these tips when it comes to your beauty regimen while pregnant.

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With your hormone levels shifting, you may find your complexion has changed since you’ve been pregnant. And with these changes, you need to adjust your beauty regimen. Here are some makeup tips to help you deal with the skin changes you’re experiencing as an expectant mother.

Balance your skin

Fluctuations in your hormones may cause your skin to be drier or oilier than its usual state. If your skin is oiler, switch to an oil-free moisturizer. Something lightweight, such as a gel format, works well on oily skin, and powdering your face will help keep shine at bay. If, on the other hand, your skin is drier in texture, a richer moisturizer with humectants will help boost the hydration your skin retains. While hormonal fluctuations are often responsible for expectant moms’ glowing skin, if your skin is dry and looking dull, exfoliate with a gentle scrub, and use a foundation that offers luminosity.

Make your makeup stay put

If your skin has become oilier, causing makeup to quickly disappear, use a primer on your entire face — including your eyelids — to give your cosmetics more staying power. When it comes to eyeshadow and blush, a powder format will work best on oilier skin, as it will absorb some of the excess oil. For your eyeliner and mascara, waterproof formulas will last longer on your moist skin.

Look more awake

Hormonal shifts may cause you to look exhausted during your pregnancy. To give yourself a quick, perky lift, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler to make your eyes appear more wide open. Add a tiny bit of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes as well to brighten them up and make you look more alert.

Conceal hyperpigmentation

If you’re experiencing hyperpigmentation (a common skin issue related to pregnancy), invest in a cream concealer that blends into your skin tone. Apply with your fingers and blend outward, being careful not to blend it out too thinly. If you find you need more coverage, layer on a bit more, and blend.

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