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How to look great with “no” makeup

Ironically, looking great with a bare, natural face calls for precise, supremely subtle makeup application. Here’s how to get the look.

Natural look makeup

Pulling off a bare-faced beauty look is actually harder to do than you may expect. In fact, many makeup artists will tell you that a natural, “no makeup” look is harder to create than a dramatic look, because there’s less colour and product to mask anything, and your goal is for the look to be appear as though you haven’t put on a lot. Here are some key steps to pull off a minimal makeup look.

Prepare the skin

You truly need flawless skin to pull of a minimal makeup look well. Exfoliate your face gently on a nightly basis to rid your skin of dead skin cells so that your face glows. And of course, cleansing your face twice daily is essential (no tumbling into bed with your makeup on). Once you’ve pat your face dry after cleansing, be sure to hydrate your skin well so it’s soft and supple.

Apply a tinted moisturizer or BB cream

Rather than a foundation, use something that allows your glowing skin to shine through, such as a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream that offers light coverage. You don’t need product all over your face; just apply it to the areas where you need some evening out.

Contour your face

Add depth and subtle colour to your face by contouring with a pressed powder one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Apply a touch of gel blush

Skip the blush if you think the contouring has given your complexion enough colour, but if you feel a slight flush to your cheeks will give you a fresher look, dab on a tiny bit of gel blush. A gel blush will give your skin a dewy look.

Apply two coats of mascara

Sweep on two coats of black mascara to subtly emphasize your eyes and keep them from fading away. It’ll add oomph, but in a less obvious way than lining your eyes would. If you’re blonde and very fair, use a brown mascara instead for a slightly softer look.

Add a swipe of tinted lip balm

Keep your lips moisturized with a lip balm in a sheer berry tone; it’ll keep you from looking washed out.

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