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Meeting new people when you’ve just moved

When you’re new in town, you might be lonely, but you don’t have to be for long. Here are some ways you can make new friends in your new hometown.

Meeting new friends

You’ve just landed in a new city, you don’t know anyone and you’re picturing many days and nights home alone. While you might feel a little isolated at first, if you put some effort into it, you can meet new people and make new friends over time more easily than you may think. Here are some ways to develop a whole new social network and find new pals.

Use Twitter to seek out people with common interests

Once you settle into your new city — or even before you move — start following people on Twitter who live in your new city and who enjoy the same things you do. If you’re a foodie, start following people in your new hometown who have food blogs or who work in the industry, for example. And if you reply to their tweets, you may find a friendship via Twitter will naturally emerge when they reply back. You can arrange to meet them at the next food truck festiva or at a tweetup, or you can even propose meeting over coffee.

Join classes that encourage interaction

If you’ve always wanted to take a class in a certain subject, now’s a great time to do it, as you’ll meet people with similar hobbies. A running clinic will have you pounding the pavement — and chatting — with people who also enjoy the sport. A photography class will have you out and about and conversing with other, similiarly artistic people. Learning a new language will have you practicing conversation skills with your classmates.

Be the person who asks to do things

If you wait to be invited out, you might find yourself at home with not much to do. If you want to make new friends, it helps if you’re proactive about it. At your new office, plan after-work drinks and invite people to it. Happen to be chatting with that nice girl in yoga class about a new restaurant? Ask her if she wants to grab a bite there after class one day. You have to get over your fear of putting yourself out there socially. What’s the worst that can happen? They can say no. And if they do, don’t take it personally.

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