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Solo travel

Sure, travelling with your friends or family is fun and rewarding, but so is travelling solo. Why not be your own best friend and take a vacation alone! Here are some of the reasons you should.

Woman traveling alone

Make new friends

When travelling in a group or with a companion, you have a tendency to stick together, which means you might be less likely to strike up a conversation with the locals or fellow travellers. But there is a whole world of interesting people out there who might think you’re interesting too! Meeting new people is a great way of having fun while gaining knowledge and insight about the place you’re visiting. And who knows? You might just meet someone who becomes a lifelong friend!

The freedom to do what you want

Want to go ziplining over the raging river? Maybe stay out dancing until dawn, then sleep until noon? Try the expensive sushi restaurant around the corner? Feel free! You’re not accountable to anyone but yourself, so you can set up your own itinerary, pace and budget.

Build your character

Travelling the world alone can be both rewarding and personally challenging. You will need to be completely self-reliant in almost every situation you are faced with. This will help you become stronger, increase your confidence and boost your ability to handle difficult situations.

Discover new things

Have you ever eaten trippa alla parmigiana? Witnessed a sea turtle in its natural environment? Bungee jumped off a tower? There are certain expectations of you when travelling with a companion, and as such, it’s easy to follow the same patterns and routines. Travelling alone offers you the chance to be who you are, not just who someone thinks you should be, so you have the chance to try new things and perhaps even discover a new passion!

Take time for you

Travelling by yourself doesn’t have to be another to-do list! Set your own pace, and enjoy the break from your normal-world responsibilities. A solo vacation is an amazing way to reconnect with your inner spirit and continue with your journey of self-reflection and discovery.

Observe and dive into the local culture

Without a travelling companion to talk to, you’re likely to become more observational of the world around you. You’re apt to see the place you’re visiting in more detail and to immerse yourself in the culture — and not just as someone from the outside looking in. Immersing yourself in another culture can bring you many rewards, including a better understanding of the world and yourself.

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