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Summer festival beauty must-haves

With a full calendar of events taking place across the country this summer, you need to be prepared when it comes to your beauty routine. Here’s what to use and what to bring with you to the festivals.

Woman at the festival

Whether it’s food trucks, music, film, comedy or dance, the summer’s countless outdoor festivals call for the same thing: simple, fuss-free makeup. After all, you’ll be outside, with little access to washrooms and little time to touch up your makeup since you’ll be having too much fun! Here are some essentials that’ll take you right through to fall.


A sunscreen you can reapply easily and tote in your handbag is an absolute must when you’re going to be spending several hours outside (remember, there’s often little shade at these outdoor events). A spray format will go on super quickly, which is a plus, since you should reapply it every two hours. Derms also recommend wearing SPF 30 or higher.

A mineral face powder

If you don’t want to slather sunscreen onto your face every two hours, a mineral face powder (which provides a natural SPF) is your best bet for keeping your complexion protected when on the go.

A neutral-tinted SPF lip balm

Leave your bold, bright lipstick at home. You won’t care to reapply it when you’re dancing to your favourite group. A lip balm with a bit of tint and an SPF will give you subtle colour while protecting your lips from both the sun and dryness. If you want more colour for your pout, try a lip stain for its long-lasting benefits.

Waterproof mascara

The humidity will make regular mascara end up on your cheeks. For summer fests, switch to a waterproof formula so it stays on your lashes and doesn’t migrate to anywhere else.

Hair elastics

In the hot sun, you’ll want to have the option to put your hair up into a ponytail, topknot or braid on a whim to get it off your face and back. Keep a few elastics on your wrist for just this type of occasion. Our pick? Goody Double Wear. The elastics will blend right in with the rest of the bracelets on your wrist.

Hand sanitizer

Keep a travel-size bottle or sanitizer wipes in your tote bag. You may have access only to porta-potties, and you’ll be glad you have this antibacterial wash with you.

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