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Melt-proof makeup

Summer comes with its own set of rules when it comes to makeup. After all, you sweat, and when the product heats up, it can migrate to where it shouldn’t or just plain disappear on you. Here’s how to keep your makeup from melting away.

Summer beauty

In the summertime, do you find you leave your house with your makeup looking one way, and the next time you catch yourself in the mirror, it’s disappeared or reappeared elsewhere (places it shouldn’t be)? The hot temperatures and the humidity create a whole new environment you have to contend with. Here are some steps that’ll help keep your makeup looking good.

Start with a primer

If you don’t normally use a primer, add one to your beauty regimen for summer. This product helps not only to prep your skin for makeup by smoothing out your complexion, but it helps your foundation and powder to stay put. Apply primer after your moisturizer but before your foundation and concealer. Most primers contain silicone, and this helps keep makeup from sliding off your face.

Conceal well

While primer (see above) will help makeup stay in place, you may also need a heavier concealer that provides fuller coverage. Don’t fret; we’re not suggesting anything cakey. Look for a product in a creamy stick format (rather than a liquid concealer in a tube) that blends seamlessly into your summer skin tone.

Go creamy with your eyeshadows

Powder eyeshadows may cake up when combined with hot conditions and sweaty skin. For summer, switch to a cream shadow (it’ll cake and crease less in the summer than powder), which you can quickly swipe onto your lids before stepping out into the sunshine.

Make your mascara budge-proof

Mascara is perhaps the makeup that tends to shift and smudge the most in the sweltering summer weather. Luckily the solution is simple: Switch to a waterproof formula.

Get a natural flush to your cheeks

Much like powder eyeshadows, powder blush can go awry in the summer. A gel or a cream blush will soak in nicely, and besides, with your dewy skin, it’ll look super natural and pretty in the hot weather.

Pretty up your lips with a balm or stain

Even long-lasting glosses have limited wear; add in hot summer weather, and you can count on it disappearing even faster. For summer, try wearing a lip stain, tinted lip balm or some of the hybrid gloss balms many cosmetic companies (including Cover Girl, L’Oreal and Revlon) have launched.

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