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Beauty rehab

If you’ve been staying out late on summer nights, enjoying the warm weather, drinking and eating a diet that’s less than stellar, and it’s showing up on your face and skin, just follow these steps to help get your beautiful self back into shape.

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Because we get so few warm months in Canada, it’s almost acceptable to go overboard with enjoying the summer nights, perhaps drinking a little too much, staying out too late and eating all the delicious (not so healthy) foods at a backyard barbecue. But these excesses, fun as they might be, have a way of showing up on your face. How to undo the damage you’ve done? Just follow these strategies, and you’ll be looking great — just in time for your next summer night out!

Puffy, dull skin

A steady diet of margaritas and mojitos will give you not only a hangover, but affect your typically glowing skin, making it slack, dull and puffy in appearance. To deal with your hangover, drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body. As for your puffy skin, you want to reduce the inflammation and tighten it up — especially around your eyes, as puffiness shows up most in this area. You can help soothe and calm the eye area by soaking tea bags in cold water and placing them on your closed lids (cucumber slices will work too!).

Dark under-eye circles

If you’re out on a bar or restaurant patio until late into the night, the sleep you’re missing out on is going to make itself obvious with dark circles under your eyes the next day. To help camouflage them, apply eye cream to hydrate the delicate skin well. Once it’s absorbed, tap an under-eye concealer (one specifically designed for your eyes won’t cake) in the exact shade of your skin lightly onto the area, then blend until it disappears into your skin.

Uneven, acne-prone skin

From the fried chicken at the park picnic to the hot dogs at every barbecue you’ve gone to, your skin is suffering from a greasy, fatty diet. The key to covering up the occasional zit is to find the right concealer. Look for one with a creamy consistency so it can be blended and disappear into your skin, and match the colour to the skin on your face (try the two shades closest to your skin tone, and check in natural light for what suits you best). Also, apply foundation first and then concealer, as you may need less concealer once your makeup is on.

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