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TLC for your hair this summer

Summer comes with its own set of hair care rules. You’re out and about in the strong UV rays, swimming, sweating and more. Here’s how to make sure your hair continues to look fantastic all season long.

Beach hair

When it comes to the hot, muggy months, taking care of your hair calls for a different regimen than it does in the winter. Here’s how to make it through the summer with gorgeous hair.

Cover your hair when swimming

Chlorine and salt water can dry out and damage your hair, so you’re best off limiting how much of your hair is exposed to these elements. Avoid using an elastic to make a ponytail when you go swimming, as you can tear strands when you remove it. Instead, tuck your mane into a swimmer’s must-have: a swim cap. Further protect your hair by wetting it with regular water and combing through conditioner (don’t rinse it out) before you put your swim cap on. Your hair will soak up far less pool or ocean water, the swim cap will come off easily and your hair will remain soft and healthy.

Protect hair from the sun’s UV rays

After all the money you’ve put into getting your hair coloured, it’d be a shame to let the sun cause your colour to fade. For the summer, when you’re more exposed to the sun, use hair products with UV protectant built into them. While you’re at it, apply a spray sunscreen to your scalp to prevent the skin from burning.

Shampoo sparingly

You sweat more in the summer, so you’re probably tempted to shampoo on a daily basis, but if you can manage it, try to avoid shampooing so frequently. As long as your hair is not very dirty and sweaty, simply rinse it through, and shampoo only two or three times a week. Over-shampooing can cause your hair to become oilier. If you need some help keeping your hair from looking greasy in between regular shampoos, applying a dry shampoo can help keep your hair looking clean.

Deep condition weekly

Because you’re putting your hair through so much — between swimming, sports and sun exposure — giving it some extra care in the form of deep conditioning will give your hair the moisture and strength it needs to withstand the season’s stressors. And if you find your ends are dry, a product such as argan oil can quickly nurture them back into good shape.

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