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Bridal shower gift ideas

Skip buying off the registry, and go with something more original. Your friend, the bride-to-be, will definitely remember your gift more than that gravy boat she registered for.

Bridal Shower

Wedding season is upon us, and if you have several bridal showers to attend, then surely you’ve been perusing several gift registries. But doesn’t buying something off a registry always seem unoriginal and impersonal? If you know the bride-to-be well, then you likely know her taste. Here are some gift ideas she’ll remember and enjoy (we promise). Let someone else give her that set of tea towels on her list.

A great beach bag filled with goodies

If she’ll be honeymooning on a tropical beach, pick up a stylish designer beach bag and fill it with stuff she’ll need: plenty of sunscreen, a few great novels to read on the beach (or make it a digital reader loaded with books if your budget allows), a sarong, mosquito repellent and a disposable waterproof camera.

A good bottle of wine

Consider the type of wine you know the bride and her husband-to-be like to drink. Research and give them a bottle that’ll mature and be best enjoyed on their 10-year anniversary.

A sleek city survival tote

If her honeymoon is a destination where the couple will be doing a lot of sightseeing, fill a tote or crossbody bag (always useful when travelling) with a couple of guidebooks for the city, a reusable water bottle, bandages for the blisters they’ll get from all the walking they’ll do, ballet flats she can keep in her tote in case of emergencies and a few protein bars so they can keep their energy up while sightseeing.

A personalized plate

Get creative, and head to a paint-your-own pottery shop to make a plate commemorating the happy couple. Include their wedding date, and incorporate elements of their relationship; perhaps they met in a record shop or went for ice cream on their first date, for example.

A spa day

Chances are your friend, the bride-to-be, has been spending all her time running around and planning her wedding that she’s hardly had time to breathe. Treat her to an indulgent day at the spa (and maybe even join her) so she can get some pampering and enjoy a little break from the chaos of wedding planning.

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