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Fresh makeovers for your balcony

Sprucing up your small outdoor space doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. Decide on an overall theme, invest in a few key accessories, and you can get a lot of bang for your buck.


Just because your outdoor space is petite doesn’t mean you can’t give it a fantastic design theme — even if you’re just renting. Best of all, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. All you need to do is make a decision about theme and colours, and then shop smartly for the main elements that’ll create the look you want. Here are a few balcony decor themes to help inspire you.

Greek escape

You’ll feel like the warm breezes of Greece are washing over you as you lie on the sunny shores of Santorini if you go with this theme. Think lots of blues (royal to aqua blue) and white. Wood finishes should be natural and more rustic rather than polished. Cushions should stick to the colour scheme, but you can play with different textures to keep it interesting. White candles and urns complete the look.

Moroccan mood

Think rich pinks and sunset orange shades paired with dark wood furniture. Instead of chaise lounges, opt for comfortable poufs as seating or square cushions placed on the balcony floor. If you have an overhead lighting pendant, install a Moroccan pendant as your balcony’s focal point. The pretty shadows it’ll cast on your space will create instant ambiance.

Crisply nautical

Red, white and blue are the keys to this cheerful and classic look. And of course, stripes are a must (either for your throw cushions, blanket or cushion covers). White votive candles and glass hurricanes filled with sand will add to the beachy feel, as will whitewashed furniture. A decorative anchor or paddle on a feature wall will help complete the look.

Exotic Indian

Dressing up your furniture with a throw of rich jewel tones (gold and purples) while draping some sari fabric on your wall is an inexpensive way to create this decor look. Inexpensive candles — also in jewel tones — placed in votive holders with gold details will add the perfect sparkling touch.

Shabby chic

This cottage-y look is one you can easily (and cheaply) achieve with a little yard sale shopping. Painted furniture pieces (any chips add to the rustic look), mismatched pillows and containers filled with a variety of wildflowers will make you feel like your balcony is your cottage getaway.

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