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Father’s Day gifts the kids can make

There are many different ways to show Dad you love him this Father’s Day. You can also help your kids show their dad and grandfather that they love them with some easy-to-make gifts you can help them with at home. Here are some gift ideas that are fun and easy to make with your kids!

Breakfast in bed

Get your kids to give you a hand in the kitchen and make their dad his favourite breakfast. Depending on their ages, they can help crack the eggs, mix the pancake batter, pour the orange juice, set the table or breakfast tray, and the best part — surprise their dad!

Homemade cards

Get some coloured construction paper, scissors, glue and markers, and get crafty! Help your kids make a card and write a poem or message for their dad inside. A tie-shaped card or a card shaped as a basketball, soccer ball, etc., for the sports fan are fun ideas. Ask your kids to come up with a few words to describe their dad so you can include them in the card’s message.

Sweet treats

Make some cupcakes, and have your kids help decorate them. This is a great way to personalize a treat that’s extra sweet. They can use decorative icing to draw shapes that represent some things their dad likes (sports balls, music notes, etc.). You can help them spell out short messages to their dad, like “#1 Dad,” or they can spell out their dad’s name or initials with the icing. Candy letters are an easier option to personalize cupcakes with words. If their dad likes a specific type of candy or chocolate bar, you can cut that into pieces and have your kids use them as decoration on the cupcakes.

A “World’s Best Dad” apron

Buy a plain canvas apron and some fabric paint, and have your kids decorate the apron. They can get creative using their dad’s favourite colours to paint symbols of his hobbies or favourite sports teams, and then include a message like “World’s Best Dad” or “World’s Best BBQ Chef.” This especially makes a great gift for the dad who loves to cook, bake or barbecue.

A hammer just for him

This is a crafty idea for the Mr. Fix-it dad. If you don’t have a hammer with a plain wooden handle, buy one along with some acrylic paint. Help your kids personalize it by painting the handle in their dad’s favourite colours. Use a thick marker to monogram it with their dad’s initials for an extra-special touch.

A cup of love

Find a plain white coffee mug and some enamel paints, and get creative with your kids. Have them use their dad’s favourite colours to design the mug. Use thin paint brushes to write a message like “World’s Greatest Dad.” This will warm his heart and look great on his desk!

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