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Tricks to find clothes on a budget

If you find yourself under new budgetary constraints or simply want to learn more about how to save money while shopping, we’ve got ideas for you! Read on to learn more about how you can look stylish on a budget.

Thrift store shopping

Thrift stores

Many people avoid thrift stores because they assume everything in them will be overused or dirty, but that isn’t the case! The majority of thrift stores are extremely selective about which items make it onto their racks from amongst the bags of donations. Just think of the amount of clothes you’ve bought over the years that didn’t fit quite right or were in a colour you didn’t love, and you chose to give them away — without a single wear! Thrift stores are filled with clothes that have seen very little wear and yet are being sold for next to nothing. Thrift store shopping can be tiring, and it isn’t necessarily for everyone, but it is certainly worth trying at least once.

Clearance sections

It’s natural that when you walk into a store, you gravitate toward those items on display — that’s why they’re there, after all. But items in clearest view tend to be the most expensive. Although much of the clearance section has items no one wants, often hidden gems that were once proudly displayed at the front of the store can be found. And simply because the store ordered too many or a couple of pieces got lost in the shuffle, those little gems made their way to the clearance rack — and are now being sold at a fraction of the original price! So whenever you enter a new store, put on your blinders, and march to the back where the clearance racks are. You may not always find what you’re looking for, but when you do, boy, is it worth it!

Work with the seasons

As soon as a season is on its way out, stores desperately need to clear out old inventory to make room for the next batch of items. And that means great deals for you! As soon as next season’s items start to appear, keep a lookout for sales on last season’s clothes. You may get only a few wears out of them before it gets too cold or hot, but you can hold on to that high-quality, low-price item for years to come.

Use online resources

Although online shopping can be a pricey endeavour if you aren’t careful, the internet can be an incredibly helpful tool when it comes to smart, inexpensive shopping. Sites such as RedFlagDeals let you track down the best deals for you. You can search for coupons, warehouse sales, going-out-of-business sales, special discounts and more. So give it a whirl, and see what budget-friendly fashions you can track down!

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