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5 Fun summer nail trends

This season is about way more than boring nudes and French tips. Nail polish designers are coming out with all sorts of cool new ways for you to decorate your nails and take your manicure up a notch. Let your nails shine with these fun summer trends.

Woman painting her nails


The ombre style is a subtle way of adding a unique flair to your nails. The adjective “ombre” refers to colours that shade into one another. The look is popular in clothing, fabrics, hair styles and now… manicures! It can easily be achieved with any of your favourite summer nail polish colours. Check out SheKnows’ breakdown on how to achieve an ombre look at home here.

Crackle effect

OPI’s shattered topcoat effect is the new frontier in nail polish. After painting your nails in any of your favourite colours, apply the shatter topcoat for a wickedly cool effect. Several options are available to choose from, such as silver, white, black, blue and red, so you can dress up your look just as you desire.

Pen designs

Always wished you could make cool designs like the pros? Now you can! Sally Hansen’s Nail Art Pens are easy to use and come in nearly 20 colours, so you can have a ton of fun designing with virtually every tone imaginable. Use them on fingers or toes to add a creative pop to your regular base.

Stick-on patterns

Do you find it takes you an enormous amount of time to apply nail polish, only to find the tips have chipped by the next day? Such challenges can make a DIY manicure seem more like a hassle than a treat. Fortunately Sally Hansen has come out with a line of nail polish strips that are unbelievably easy to use. They aren’t stickers, so you don’t have to feel like a fifth grader, but they also aren’t fake nails that require painful or damaging adhesives. Instead, they are literally made of nail polish — just without the drying time! Plus, they last for up to 10 days and can be removed in a flash with nail polish remover. They come in bright colours and patterns you couldn’t possibly design by hand, so you will truly stand out from the crowd when you apply these little wonders!

Pastel shades

Want to go for a subdued look while still having a little bit of fun? Fortunately for you, pastel shades are very in this season. And pale pinks and peaches aren’t the only options available to you. Other colours, such as green, blue, yellow, purple and orange, all come in fabulous pastel shades that will add a stunning summery pop to your ensemble.

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