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5 Areas in your kitchen that are in need of cleaning

Many of us seize the opportunity provided by time off in the summer to take care of some overdue cleaning in the home. And the kitchen is one room that always needs some attention. But there are certain areas of this constantly used space that may not be getting the scrubbing they require. We share the five areas in your kitchen you mustn’t miss.

Cleaning the oven

The stove and oven

If there’s one part of the kitchen you really don’t want to clean improperly, it’s the oven. Food debris can build up below the stove burners or at the bottom of the oven, which can be potentially dangerous. Make sure the appliance is completely off and cool before beginning to clean. Start by taking the burners out of the stove and wiping away any food or dirt that has accumulated. Put the burners back in place. For the oven, use a cleaner made specifically for ovens. Follow the instructions on the can to effectively clean away stuck-on grime.

Around the fridge

Because it’s so laborious, cleaning the areas around the fridge is one chore that often gets left out. But the amount of food debris and dust that can build up behind and underneath the fridge can often be substantial. Every one to two months, pull the fridge away from the wall. Scrub down the floor, wall and the sides of both the fridge and any adjacent cupboards or appliances.

The back of the pantry

Removing all the items in your pantry so that you can wipe it down thoroughly is an unenjoyable task, but it is better to take the time to do it than to have your food sitting in grime. A couple of times a year, take all the items in the pantry out and wipe down the shelves, walls, floor and even the products themselves. Make sure you reach all the way to the back so you don’t have to worry about doing it again for a while.

Inside the microwave

Many people keep the outside of the microwave sparkling but forget all about the inside that sees the majority of food spills and explosions. It’s never a good idea to let food debris sit in an enclosed space for weeks at a time. So make sure to wipe down the inner walls of the microwave regularly. To be extra thorough, pull out the microwave plate and wash it with soap and water. Dry it completely before returning it to the microwave. You can also seize this opportunity to wipe down the door handle and buttons, which come in contact with a lot of hand bacteria.

The sink

You may think because soap and water is constantly running through the sink, it doesn’t need to be cleaned. But all that water is filled with food gunk, which means that even if you can’t see it, the walls and crevices of your kitchen sink can be full of bacteria. Keep germs from getting onto your dishes by regularly wiping the sink down with a scrub brush. Make sure you cover all the sides, the bottom and especially the little crevice around the drain.

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