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Nighttime beauty routines you shouldn’t skip

It’s understandable that sometimes you get home late from a long day at work or an exhausting evening event and you just don’t feel like going through your entire pre-bed beauty routine. But certain steps just aren’t worth skipping if you can help it. We share your bedtime beauty musts.

Woman rinsing her face

Rinse your face

At the end of a long day or a night out on the town, your face is in desperate need of a good rinse. Think of all the makeup, dirt and sweat clogging your pores at such a time. Chances are you’d rather not have all that sitting on your skin throughout the night. Although you may not be able to brave your entire skin care regimen, consider keeping something like Garnier’s Vitamin-Enriched Cleansing Cloths next to your bed. Before you close your eyes, grab a cloth, and wipe away dirt and makeup to give your skin a clean and nourished sleep.

Change your clothes

When you’ve been out all night or had an exceptionally long day at work, the only thing you may want to do upon seeing your bed is fall into it. And although it may seem like a good idea at the moment, it isn’t a great habit to get into. Take a second to think about all the places you go and all the things your clothes touch in the span of a day. Do you really want that stranger’s sneeze, bus grime or the smell of work seeping into your covers? Not likely. Plus, there’s nothing enjoyable about waking up the next day in your dress or tights from the night before. Do yourself a favour, and strip off your outer clothes before crawling into bed.

Brush your teeth

Chances are, if you’re feeling too tired to brush your teeth, you have had a very long day and are in need of a good brushing more than ever. If you don’t brush before bed, the bacteria that has collected on your teeth and gums will continue to sit there all night. Over time, this behaviour can lead to cavities and gum disease. Don’t let a bad habit like this one get started. Brush every night — no matter how tired you are!


Your skin is exposed to a fair bit of damage every day, and overnight is the time it does most of its healing. After washing your face, pat on a little bit of moisturizer to give skin the nutrients it needs to start healing.

Take out your contacts

If you wear contacts, removing them before you call it a night is extremely important. Although some extended-wear lenses are fine to leave in for longer periods of time, the majority of contact lenses need to be removed before you go to bed. Eyes require oxygen, and leaving your contact lenses in while sleeping means your eyes aren’t getting the nutrients they need from the air, which can be quite harmful over time. So even if you have to let a few items on the list slide, make removing your contact lenses a priority.

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