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How to get Kate Middleton’s style


There’s no denying that Kate Middleton’s unique style has been winning the world over for years. And her style prowess has only been getting better with time. We share the pieces you need to make your wardrobe completely duchess worthy.

Kate Middleton and Prince WilliamClassic-cut dresses

Kate Middleton is a master of the classic-cut dress. Many dresses these days feature drooping necklines, low backs, short hems and thin straps. Kate tosses all those skin-baring options aside in favour of cuts that show off her shape without being too revealing.

Look for cuts where the necklines fall naturally but do not reveal cleavage, and consider playing around with options such as cap sleeves, thick straps and sleeves that cover all or part of the arm. By opting for dresses that favour cut and style over being revealing, Kate manages to look sexy and elegant at every event she attends.

Kate Middleton - FascinatorFascinators

There’s no doubt that Kate is one of the main reasons fascinators and other headpieces can be seen in the majority of clothing stores these days. A fascinator is essentially a headpiece that can be worn in lieu of a hat. It can be attached by pins, clips, a band or even a small platform that resembles a miniature hat. When Kate wears a fascinator, it is bold without being overpowering. If you want to wear a fascinator, make sure it fits with the rest of your ensemble and that it’s there to complete the look, not confuse it.

Fitted blazers and coats

When you’ve pulled together the perfect dress, shoes and hat, the last thing you want to do is ruin the look with a bad jacket. To keep her ensemble looking flawless on colder days, Kate turns to coats that are relatively neutral in colour but stunning in cut and embellishments. These are the perfect details to ensure you can rely on your coat to go with virtually anything and still look remarkable. Look for jackets that feature elegant buttons, unique belts and understated embellishments for added class and character.

Kate Middleton - Prince William and Prince HenryKnee-length skirts

With skirts seeming to be getting shorter and shorter, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the more leg you show, the more in vogue you will be. But Kate proves this is not the case. Instead of wearing a small scrap of fabric as a skirt, Kate opts for pieces that fall to just above the knee. Any longer, and the length can seem awkward, while any shorter, any notion of mystery is lost. Instead of putting her legs on display, Kate selects skirts with vibrant patterns and interesting cuts that are both fun and fashion-forward.

Themed pieces

Anyone who saw Kate and Will visit the Calgary Stampede last year knows that the pair is completely willing to embrace the style of the moment. Kate looked casual and relaxed in jeans, a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat for the affair. Her style constantly stands out because she isn’t afraid to try new things and have fun with what she’s wearing — and neither should you! If there’s one thing you should remember when it comes to attempting the duchess’s fashion look, it’s to have fun.

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