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3 Fun summer braids

Keeping your hair gorgeous during the summer can be hard. There’s so much heat and humidity as well as pool or beach time to contend with! Fortunately braids are an easy and stylish way to keep hair out of the way and looking sexy at the same time. We share three of the best braiding options.

Fishtail braid - FergieThe fishtail

Fishtail braids have made a big comeback this season. They are slightly more complex than your average three-piece plait, but they can give you a fun and unique look once you’ve practiced a little. Begin by dividing your hair into two sections. Pick up a small section of hair — about half the size of your ring finger — from the outside of the right-side chunk of hair. Cross it over the right-side section and place under the left section. Then do the same on the opposite side, taking a small piece from the outside of the left half, crossing it on top of the left section, then grabbing onto it in the right half. Continue in this alternating fashion until the braid is complete. Secure the end with an elastic. Depending on the length and style of your hair, the fishtail braid can be used in a variety if ways. Tug it sideways to create a side braid, or simply braid a small section near the front or across your hairline, and leave the rest of your hair down. Once you master the basic fishtail, you can have lots of fun trying it in new and impressive ways.

Forehead braidThe forehead sweep

If you wear your hair with a side part and find the front of the wider section gets sweaty or greasy more quickly, the forehead sweep might be for you. It’s a great do for the summer because it keeps bangs or other front pieces off your face in the sweltering heat. Beginning by your part, divide the front portion of your hair — about 2–3 inches worth, depending on your hair’s thickness — into three sections. Braid the section along your hairline, adding in pieces as you go. Continue to about ear level, and secure with a clip or pin. You can wear the remainder of your hair up or down, depending on preference. This is an easy look to achieve regardless of the thickness or texture of your hair.

Side braid - Selena GomezThe side braid

A French braid straight down the back of your head may remind you of elementary school photo day, but a loose braid pulled to the side can give you the relaxed and casual look you desire. Begin by applying a spritz of hairspray over your whole head, then lightly tease your hair with a fine-tooth comb. This will add some extra volume and the hold you require. Starting at the middle of your head, divide your hair into three sections. Braid your hair into a simple plait toward your preferred side, adding in pieces as you go until all your hair has been incorporated. Secure the braid at the bottom with an elastic. The important thing when wearing this style is to never pull the braid too tight. When the braid is finished, you can loosen it up by gently pulling on it horizontally to achieve a casual do.

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