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Best apps for family fun when travelling

Have a long car ride planned for your family this summer and not sure how to spend the time? Well, when you’ve gotten tired of the licence plate game and I Spy, just pull out your phone, and there is more fun to be had. We share some of the best family game apps that will have you laughing and joking all the way to your destination.

Family Feud & Friends

Based on the television game show that has been running on and off for decades, this app will get your family working as a team. The host will ask a question along the lines of “name something you would find on a farm,” and it is your job to come up with the most common answers. The answers are predetermined by a survey of 100 people, and the top ones are those you are seeking to name. But each question is on a timer, so everyone in the family had better put their heads together!


This game is best suited to car rides of four or more, but it can also be played with two if necessary. When you hit the “start” button, you will be presented with a word you have to make the other member(s) of your team guess. But you can’t use tricks such as “rhymes with,” and you can’t mention any part of the word itself. When your team guesses your word correctly, you move on to the next word and continue in this fashion until the time runs out. You can also hit “pass” on a word if it is simply too hard. Once your time is up, you pass the phone over to the other team, and they give it a go. You continue in this manner until you hit a certain predetermined score or just get too tired to continue playing. You’ll have so much fun, you’ll be tripping over your words as you desperately try to beat the clock and score the win for your team.

How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works, or HSW for short, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an app dedicated to things you never thought to ask but are likely to be pleasantly surprised you know. What kind of snake does a snake charmer use? When did the Olympics originate? What is a group of rats called? The app isn’t strictly a game in itself, but it isn’t hard to turn a series of intelligent facts, quotes and articles into a fun and enlightening game for the whole family. And there’s also a quiz section if you really want to test yourselves. So even if your bodies have to sit still, your minds will be racing a mile a minute!

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