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Summer’s hottest accessories

With heavy layers and bulky jackets safely stowed away, it’s time for accessories to really shine. When it’s too hot to wear much but a tank top and shorts, the right bag or hair clip can do wonders for your look. Read on to make sure you snag this season’s hottest accessories before they’re gone.

Woman with retro sunglasses and scarf

Retro sunglasses

It’s important to protect yourself from the sun’s rays during the summer months, so why not be stylish while you do it? Big retro glasses like these sassy cat eyes from Forever 21 are both fun and flattering. Or to let your inner vixen take the spotlight, check out their bold, square, leopard print look.

Jazzy shoes

During the warm summer months, it’s nice to let your feet breathe in a pair of flip-flops or sandals. But this summer they get to have some extra fun and feel especially dressed up in shoes like these eye-catching sandals from Spring. Delicate chains, jewels, beads and studs are adorning all kinds of sandals this summer. This season, let your feet and ankles in on the jewellery party that’s usually restricted to your head and arms.

“Silk” scarves

Scarves aren’t just for winter! A lightweight scarf can add a flattering, feminine touch to any warm-weather outfit. Wear it as a bandeau in your hair, throw it loosely around your neck or tie it onto your favourite purse so you always have it on hand. And you don’t have to run yourself into debt by buying one that is genuine silk. Aldo Accessories offers a lovely naval-inspired scarf that is both dainty and budget-friendly!

Woven everything

Woven accessories of all kinds are popping up this season. A wide-brim, woven hat is the perfect way to give your face a little bit of shade in the hot weather. Or get yourself a large woven tote to carry with you to the beach. Whether it’s woven of straw, fabric or synthetic fibres, the look adds an earthy flair that is perfect for summer.

Tribal jewellery

The tribal look is particularly popular this summer in all aspects of fashion. Jewellery is the perfect way to incorporate such a bold theme without overdoing it. H&M’s feather earrings are both playful and elegant, while their striking tribal necklace may give you the confidence you need to strut into a room and dazzle everyone present.

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