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Pretty accessory ideas to brighten your home and spirit

Your home is your haven, so treat it as such by decorating it with pretty little things you enjoy that will make your spirit sing.

Home decor that will make you smile
Photo wall

Family photos

In almost every home, a person is apt to find a collection of family photos. Photographs are reflections of our lives, reminders of our history as well as pictorial records of today. Place photos wherever you see fit to allow you to embrace your life while still reflecting on the past, as your family history is uniquely yours and should be celebrated on a daily basis. For a powerful impact, group several photos together on a wall, and use similar matted frames for an aesthetic punch.

Fresh flowers

Flowers are a must for a spirited decor. Perhaps it’s the simplistic beauty and the lingering fragrance, but fresh cut flowers have an innate ability to pull at our senses and illicit a soulful response. The appeal of fresh blossoms that catch the eye and nose of a passerby are welcomed almost anywhere in your home, so add a bouquet to your living room, office or kitchen. Even just a glorious single stem in a pretty vase will make a nice addition to a bathroom or your master bedroom.

An indoor water fountain or feature

The sound of trickling water gently running down a creek often enlightens the spirit, so why not bring that same effect inside with a water feature? The sound of water can soothe the soul and relax the mind, and it is easy to add to any home decor. A tabletop water fountain or a serenity fountain can be placed on a side table, kitchen table, desk, counter of an ensuite bathroom or wherever there is an electrical outlet to power it. A large water feature or wall fountain works well in a larger space, such as a foyer, hall or den.

A bonsai tree

While growing a bonsai tree is a blend of knowledge and design, the ongoing nurturing and developing results are satisfying to a person’s soul. When tended to successfully, a bonsai tree will depict a full-size tree in a naturalized form, but on a much smaller scale. The care and attention needed to turn a normal species of tree into such an art form takes patience and never-ending care, but the results are a beautiful creation that will uplift your spirit. Place your bonsai tree where its beauty — and your dedication — will be showcased.


The choice of artwork to bring into your home is a highly personal one, and as such, is sure to be something that touches your inner spirit. Choose only the pieces that resonate with you, speak to you on a deeper level, and you’ll be sure to enjoy them for years to come. Artwork can be a valued addition to any room in your home, but while choosing the right piece may be primarily an emotional one, the proper placement can depend on a number of variables, including available light, scale and colour theme.

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