5 Plants that deserve a place in your garden

The warm weather is here, and that means it’s time to get out there and start gardening. Having trouble deciding what to place in your little patch of soil? Read on to discover the five plants your garden won’t be complete without.



Impatiens are time-consuming to get going, but boy, are they worth it when the work is done! Begin by planting small starters of the plant randomly throughout the garden — wherever it lacks in colour and vivacity. These flowers come in a variety of hues and spread out along the soil, staying low to the ground rather than growing high. This makes them ideal for covering up large patches of dark, gloomy soil.


Every garden needs a showstopper, and zinnias do just that. They come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes and can be used for virtually any purpose. Whether you need them to run along a border, fill up an entire patch all to themselves or act as surprising accents in a large garden, you can count on them to get the job done. They are prolific bloomers, and their large blooms add stunning pops of colour to any garden.


Hosta are known for their leafy, green foliage. They grow best out of the sun, which makes them perfect for a shady patch of garden. They are perennials, meaning they’ll stick around through the years so you don’t have to worry about replanting them. Hostas are low-maintenance plants in every sense of the word. This makes them a great choice for your garden because they provide a wonderful source of greenery and allow you the time you need to work on the more demanding plants in your garden.


Forget-me-nots do well in moist, shaded ground but they can also tolerate full on sun so long as they are well hydrated. They grow particularly well around rocks, ponds and other borders, which gives your garden a lovely cottage feel. They are perennials, so once you’ve planted them, you’ll have a stunning complement to the rocks and borders of your garden for years, provided you water them regularly. Their blooms have gorgeous blue tones, and their vines make for beautiful foliage even when the flowers have gone.

Morning glories

Morning glories are a great way to add a bit of height and dimension to your garden. They are annual flowers that climb up vertical supports with ease. All you have to do is place a trellis, fence, arch or other support in the soil where there’s plenty of sun, and these lovely vines and their colourful flowers will reach up and create a gorgeous backdrop for your garden.

Get creative

These are just five of the wonderful plants that can adorn your garden. Hundreds of other options are worthy of exploration, so don’t be afraid to get creative and make your garden just how you like it.

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