How to get along with co-workers

Working with a group of people has its ups and downs. There are bound to be people you love and people you dislike for both personal and professional reasons. But there’s no denying that a friendly work environment makes for more enjoyable days. Read on to discover tips and tricks on how you can make sure you get along with the people you see at the office every day.


Ask questions

Generally speaking, people like to talk about themelves. They like to feel as though their life is of interest to someone. When you show friendly interest in a co-worker, it opens up your relationship to further discussions and possibly an eventual friendship. Obviously you don’t want to pry, so keep questions relatively neutral in nature, and let him or her guide the conversation a little.

Be helpful

At a place of employment, it’s natural that you don’t want to feel like a pushover or as though you are being used. But that can make you come off as defensive to those people who genuinely want to get to know you and work as a team. When someone seems to be struggling and is in need of assistance, don’t be afraid to offer help. Having to stop what you are doing may seem frustrating in the moment, but it could do a lot for your friendship in the long run. And you just may find yourself in need of assistance down the road, and that person will be happy to return the favour.

Bring treats

An easy way to win over the hearts — and bellies — of your co-workers is by bringing in some homemade goodies for the office. It gives you a fun hobby at home and shows those you work with that you care.

Work hard

An easy way to become a source of frustration for others at work is by not getting your work done. If your project is a key component of a larger picture, it is crucial you get it done on time and to the best of your ability. Everyone wants to look good, and when you work hard to make that happen, everyone will be grateful for it.

Have fun

Though it’s important to work hard during scheduled work time, it is equally important to let your playful side show whenever you can. Suggest a game to play on break, take a couple of people out for coffee during your lunch or make plans for everyone to go out for dinner on the weekend. When you let your personality shine, people can see you as the fun, interesting person you are rather than someone who remains glued to her work or bolts for the exit when 5 p.m. hits.

Don’t rush it

When you begin talking to your co-workers more, you may find it exciting and invigorating. But don’t make the mistake of rushing the friendship’s natural development. If you ask lots of prying questions or try to spend time with someone at each and every break, he or she may feel crowded and begin to push you away. Let the friendship unfold naturally, and you’re sure to make the workplace a more enjoyable experience for you and those around you.

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