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Make your bedroom a sanctuary for sleeping

Your bedroom should be designed so that it helps you get the sweetest slumber ever. Here are some ways to make yours more of a sanctuary so you can achieve that.

Relaxing bedroom

Your bedroom should be considered one of the most important rooms in your home. After all, you spend about a third of your day there, getting the rest you need. This spring, invest some time and effort into making it the sanctuary it should be so you can enjoy your sweetest slumber ever. Here are some ways to make your bedroom more blissful.

Paint it a soothing colour

Given that the main focus of your bedroom is sleep, look for paint shades that are soft and soothing rather than dramatic and energizing. Think pale grey, powder blue, warm beige or soft green — colours that evoke a sense of relaxation.

Invest in quality sheets and pillows

When you sink into bed for the night, make it a luxurious experience. Look for all-cotton sheets with a 300 thread count or higher (thread count refers to the number of threads woven in a square inch of the fabric; the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric). As for pillows, spend more on a good one. Go to a mattress and sleep shop, and lie down on a bed to try out a few. Alternatively, if you’ve visited a hotel and loved the pillow in your room, ask what type and brand of pillow it is (sometimes hotels even have pillows available for purchase).

Scent your bedroom with relaxing scents

Lavender has been shown to promote calm and relaxation. Include a bowl of lavender potpourri in your bedroom, or apply a lavender lotion in the evenings. For other scents that promote sleep, check out this article on the best scents for sleep.

Limit nighttime light

A dark room will help promote a deeper sleep, so putting some money into installing blackout blinds is a worthy investment.

Remove distractions

Your bedroom and bed should be limited to sleeping. Introducing other activities disrupts the restful nature of the room that you should associate with it. So take down the flat-screen television from the wall, and keep your buzzing mobile phone and toys such as your tablet in another room rather than on your nightstand.

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